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Ivan Peychev

7L co-founder


An effective video that drives sales is actually not a coincidence. Understanding the psychology of human beings is the key in making such videos. Learning a psychology may be time consuming, but apply these 7 steps will definitely help you make a video that will attracts sales to your business.
1. Focus on a pain point.
Always think on how you can help solve your customer's problems. If your customers see, that you have understand their problems right from the start, they will pay attention. Begin with a story of the problem your customers are facing.
2. Present your solution.
If you product or service offers a solution to that problem - present it right after. If you product or service is not a direct solution, focus on how your product or service may lead to the solution.
3. Sell cases, not products.
It is always easier to sell a case, then a product, as it is a human nature to take an examples of someone. Best case scenario - present a case of your client that actually had a problem as described & is actually using what you are offering.
4. Keep it short & present yourself.
According to a study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds. (source: so make sure you mention who you are in the first 10 second, however do not forget that the first 10 second should be as interesting and as engaging as it gets, otherwise visitors will abandon the video.
5. Present a call to action.
Tell your audience what step to take next, they won't make it if you don't tell them. Include a simple call to action line in your video at the end & make sure your call to action is simple and only one.

(Ex.:Visit to download premium background music for your next video now & get 3 professional soundtracks free of charge with lifetime license!)

Use different tools, such as YouTube overlays & always think of what method is more appropriate & easy to use for your potential viewer depending on where you will be distributing your video content.

6. Use Humor.
Video, especially an online video will always be a piece of entertainment. Who are your viewers? People just like you & me. Adding humor to it may be a very powerful tool. Humor may makes people want to share your video & thus go viral.
7. Pack up or suit up!
People do judge books by their cover, businesses by their websites, people by their clothes & videos by its quality. Suit up! Remember that in a sales video, 50% of success is the experience that viewer gets. Under the experience section falls the package which may be broken down into 2 main categories:

  • Visual
You video quality, you graphics or any kind of visualizations should be top quality. Make sure you have enough light, if you are shooting your video outside - do it the hour after sunrise or the hour before sunset, make sure the sky & weather overall is clear. If wish to use animation in your video, try using freelancers or stock animation of good quality (ex.

  • Audio
If your audio is bad, no one will watch your video. Bad audio will make even the best footage look unprofessional. Try using professional voice over (ex. services if you can not make your own audio sound perfect. For music, choose high quality, as music created the general experience. Imagine this: what if your favorite movie had no music or had poor quality "8-bit tetris" music instead? Thats right, sound horrible. Same here, music creates the mood, music is the business card of your video. Remember though, that you can't use your favorite song from radio due to the copyright restrictions. You can, however, find plenty of royalty-free options online. (ex.
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